Hurry! We don't have a lot of time.

The players ran off the pitch and had a meeting during half-time.

Hurt people hurt people.

I don't like to see animals cruelly treated.

Tiefenthal doesn't need to do this right away.


I've never understood this.


Why not apply for that job?

Those officials don't understand finance at all.

I also recommend to visit at least one city which is usually not visited by tourists.

We won't ask anymore.

I like to drink a cup of tea in the morning before I do anything.

I told her what you did.

Is he that good?


Do I really remind you of him?

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It goes without saying that he's a clever man.

Here you are.

The hunter was alert to every sound and movement.

I'm never eating here again.

You can't help but like Claire.

I begin my discourse with the Name of God ,Creator , Nourisher , Pardoner.

I gave them everything.

He told a good joke.

Dinner smells delicious.

I'd like to keep these documents for the time being.

Man is the only animal that can make use of fire.

Yesterday we went to the cinema.

I found this restaurant by accident.


I'll give you back the money tomorrow.

We took shelter under a tree.

Who would look after my children if I died?

He abandoned himself to grief.

Michiel welcomed her mother with a kiss.


The water is waist-deep.

I want snow.

Have you found any good solution?


I had a bad cold.


I wish I was there now myself.

I'm sick and tired of eating zucchinis every day.

Have it on my desk by tomorrow.

My hobby is reading.

Eduardo doesn't know that I'm Canadian.

I hate keeping secrets.

Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!

That's unacceptable.

I thought it would be best if you told Tracy yourself.


God has already decided the fate of humans.

That is a hotel.

He spoke kindly with me.


Meehan will be great.


All animals are equal.

There are people who talk just because they have a mouth.

Embrace your weirdness

I'm waiting for her to come here.

I told you I made a mistake.

He's left-handed.

I happen to prefer champagne to ditchwater, but there is no reason to suppose that the cosmos does.

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A person will come that without words will make you feel like a nobleman.

She fainted when she saw blood.

It is said that her father was killed in a traffic accident.

The castle, burnt down in 1485, was not rebuilt.

What will this accomplish?

How long were you there?

Herb takes offence at the slightest thing.

Mitchell seemed to have thought so.

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

Is this how you handle all of your problems?

I know someone was here.


It will be over soon.

Nobody is interested in knowing what are your favorite sexual positions.

Jason beat Jock in tennis.

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You don't need to know about them.

That's such a cute cat.

We can't do this by Friday.

A postman brought newspapers every morning.

I'm sure we'll be able to reason with Blayne.

How much snow have you had?

Our car happened to pass theirs by the station.

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I was just wondering if I could borrow three hundred dollars from you. I can pay you back next Monday.


Len claims one god exists.


She learned English with great eagerness.

Tickets are $5 for adults, and $2 for senior citizens and children.

Neither team played well in the game.

Please fix this.

In Germany today, anti-violence rallies took place in several cities, including one near Hamburg where three Turks were killed in an arson attack on Monday.

"What's wrong with you, Maria?" "I don't know."

We could do that.

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Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?

That politician has come down in the world since the so-called "Recruit scandal" was publicized.

Now things are different.

I'll get you at the school exit.

He wants to buy a pony.

Daniel will complain.

Individual freedom is the foundation of democracy.

Albert lifted his head above the windowsill.

Price went far away.

Does it interest you to meet and discuss a possible collaboration?

Alberto is very fond of doing something that his brother Charles would never do.

Roy doesn't know much about pottery.

The answer to both questions is no.


She was a Smith before she got married.

He was excited by nationalistic sentiment.

Stewart isn't here either.

It is quite natural the couple should love each other.

Shawn and Arlene had to cancel their trip to Australia.


"Don't you have anything more interesting to do than translate stupid sentences on Tatoeba," she asked him.

I think Brent is creative.

We're getting a new car next month.


We shall all die some day.

That makes me really sad.

I promise you I'll help you.

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Let's continue doing this.

Keep fire away from this pond.

Every little boy needs a hero.

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From now on, there is no reason to worry any more.

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He didn't give an answer to the question.

Lower air pressure makes it more difficult for humans to breathe and get enough oxygen.

Most of the victims were small children.

The boy spends hours drawing superhero comics.

Hillary noticed something out of the ordinary in the alley.

I hate to see you so miserable.

Are you nearsighted?

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I started to write a book.


In hot weather, water evaporates quickly.


I said this a long time ago.

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Gigi works in construction.

William splashed his face with water.

He bent over to tie his shoe.

In Ukraine, I always speak Ukrainian.

A cat is not a person.

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Please send the book by mail.

I think that would be a mistake.

The weather is crook.

Everything went as expected.

We will have an English test this afternoon.

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That is my own affair.

This isn't going to end well!

I'd like to talk to the hotel manager.

Be silent, or say something better than silence.

Edmund always dreamed of meeting a tall, dark, and handsome man.


I don't want to work under these conditions.


My mother made me what I am today.

Remember to post the letters tomorrow.

Every person makes mistakes. Try to learn from them.

He is far in advance of the other students.

The meeting is ten days away.


Slartibartfast is no longer afraid.


I thought Murthy couldn't ride a bicycle.

Mr. Mitsubishi is drinking at home to save his drinking money.

I wonder if you can help me.

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He doesn't like traveling by plane.


Dad knows what he's doing.

He wrote down the number lest he should forget it.

Why are you smiling?


I shouldn't have doubted you.

These are serious problems. They shouldn't be swept under the carpet.

Tracy hates running.


Come over and help out.

I've been up most of the night.

We have enough to worry about.

Where did you leave your suitcase?

Guy took the coffee Elwood offered him.